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... Puan Bobbi McCaughey suami Encik Kenny mendapat anak kembar tujuh pada 19 November 1997, 18 tahun dahulu. 

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - McCaughey septuplets

The McCaughey septuplets (born November 19, 1997) are a set of septuplets born to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey in Des Moines, Iowa, United States.

The siblings are the world's first set of septuplets to survive infancy. They were born nine weeks prematurely in Des Moines to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey (pronounced "McCoy"), residents of the nearby town of Carlisle, Iowa. Their older sister, Mikayla Marie, was born on January 3, 1996.
Baby Order
Time of Birth
Birth Weight
3 lb 4 oz (1.5 kg)
Kenneth (Kenny) James
2 lb 11 oz (1.2 kg)
Alexis June
2 lb 10 oz (1.2 kg)
Natalie Sarah
2 lb 5 oz (1.0 kg)
Kelsey Annabelle
3 lb 3 oz (1.4 kg)
Nathan Robert
2 lb 14 oz (1.3 kg)
Brandon Johnny
2 lb 15 oz (1.3 kg)
Joel Simon
When the couple discovered that Bobbi was carrying seven babies, they declined selective reduction to reduce the number of infants, saying that they would "put it in God's hands". The obstetricians primarily responsible for the medical care of the babies were Dr. Katie Drake and Dr. Penny Mahone.
Alexis and Nathan have cerebral palsy although Nathan received spinal surgery in November, 2005 in order to help his walking abilities.
The birth attracted significant media attention, both positive and negative, including a feature in Time magazine in December 1997.
"In the beginning, for every ten letters we would get that were happy for us, we'd get one letter accusing us of exploiting the kids and being selfish to waste the world's resources on a family this big," said Bobbi in a 2007 interview. "None of our neighbors never gawked. Here in Carlisle they gave us privacy. But we had complete strangers come around to the back door, knock, and ask if they could hold a baby."[4]
The McCaugheys were the recipients of many generous donations, including a 5500 ft² (511 m²) house, a van and diapers for the first two years, as well as nanny services, clothes, and even the State of Iowa offering full college scholarships to anystate university in Iowa upon their maturity and graduation from high school. President Bill Clinton personally telephoned Mr. and Mrs. McCaughey to wish them his congratulations.
The surviving Dionne quintuplets wrote a letter warning the parents to keep the septuplets out of the public eye and not allow them to fall into the same pitfalls as their parents did, but wish television station KCCI and Ladies' Home Journal magazine. Bobbi McCaughey has noted that the level of media attention does not necessarily mean they have granted many interviews, saying, "There was all kinds of stuff in the papers early on but they never actually interviewed us. Most of it is one paper quoting another."[4][5]
Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey occasionally speak at pro-life events and continue to oppose selective reduction. Bobbi has been famously quoted as saying, "Well, come to our house, and tell me which four I shouldn't have had!" The family continues to attend a Baptist church in West Des Moines where Kenny serves as a deacon. In 2010, TLC made a documentary for the septuplets' thirteenth birthday that aired on December 28, 2010.

World's Biggest Pregnant Belly

There are no definite records of the World's largest belly
By Myrrh Hector
The Guinness Book of World Records doesn't have an official record of the world's biggest pregnant belly. Generally, pregnant bellies get bigger as the number of babies in the pregnancy increases. Therefore, bellies of women pregnant with twins are larger than the bellies of women who are pregnant with only one baby. This increase in size continues with the number of babies involved and since current fertility treatments can result in ever-higher numbers of babies conceived in a single pregnancy, the bellies just keep getting bigger. High-order multiples are big news, so it's possible that one of the moms famous for having a lot of babies (sextuplets, septuplets, and now even octuplets) could claim the coveted title of the "World's Biggest Pregnant Belly."

Nkem Chukwu
In 1998, Nkem Chukwu of Houston, Texas, became the first woman in the United States to give birth to octuplets. All of the babies were born alive and the weights of the babies ranged from just 10.3 ounces to 25.7 ounces. Sadly, one of the Chukwu octuplets, the smallest girl, died a week after she was born.

Obviously, these eight babies did not take up as much room in their mom's uterus as eight full-term newborns would, since the average newborn weighs between seven and eight pounds. However, the Chukwu octuplets were born twelve weeks prematurely and may have stressed and strained Nkem's belly even more had they stayed in longer. No pictures or estimates of the size of then 27-year-old Nkem's belly are available, but we're betting it was quite large.

Bobbi McCaughey
Bobbi McCaughey gave birth to the first living septuplets in the U.S. in 1997. Her seven babies ranged in size from two and a half to over three pounds. The McCaughey septuplets were born at 31 weeks, so they also were not the size of a fully developed newborn at their births. Because of the septuplets prematurity, one of the babies, Alexis, was born with cerebral palsy. Also, several of the septuplets have learning difficulties related to their prematurity.

Bobbi McCaughey's belly was reported by Newsweek to be 52 inches around, or just over 4 feet, which definitely puts her in the running for the world's biggest pregnant belly. Bobbi was on bedrest from the ninth week of her pregnancy on to prevent the babies from being born too prematurely to survive. A uterus stretched so far is very irritable and can very easily be irritated into contractions simply by too much activity.

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin is the mother of sextuplets featured in the TLC show Jon and Kate Plus 8. The Gosselin sextuplets were born via C-section on May 10, 2004, and weighed from two pounds 11 ounces all the way up to a little over three pounds. Kate's belly was rumored to be almost five feet around, making her belly somewhat larger than Bobbi McCaughey's. Kate Gosselin has had the good fortune to have a tummy tuck sponsored by TLC as part of an episode of their show, so her belly has recovered well from its ordeal, at least on the outside.

Nadya Suleman
Derisively labelled "Octomom" by the media, Nadya Suleman made news when she gave birth to nine living babies on January 26, 2009. The storm surrounding Suleman comes from the fact that she had six children before she gave birth to the octuplets, and she is a single, unemployed mother who utilized fertility treatments to conceive all 14 of her children.

Ms. Suleman states that she had five to six IVF embryos implanted for each of her pregnancies, and each resulted in a single baby. She had the fertility clinic implant all of her remaining embryos so that they would not have to be destroyed. Defying all odds, all of the embryos implanted and two of the embryos split into sets of twins. The octuplets have the distinction, at only a month old, of being the longest surviving octuplets in the world. A picture does exist of Ms. Suleman's belly a few days before she gave birth, but measurements have not been made public. Her belly certainly looks large, but not excessively so for a woman carrying eight babies.

The World's Biggest Pregnant Belly
Although every woman may think that she is in the running for this title during her pregnancy, the fact remains that pregnant-belly size is a difficult thing to measure. It increases throughout pregnancy and is obviously time-limited to the duration of the pregnancy. Most women are not keen to let anyone near them with a tape measure, especially at their largest point in pregnancy, so the belly size record will have to remain unclaimed for now.

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