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Raw Onion on bottom of the feet to take away illness
''During the night, I started feeling good. I mean really good! I felt tingly, like my blood was 

being cleansed (it was). It was so cool! My bedroom smells like a casserole, but it was 

totally worth it!
***Here is the deal:

So last night Evan (11) was keeping everyone awake with his cough. I got up, went to the 

kitchen and sliced a purple, make me cry onion, at 3am. I got some snug socks and put it 

on the bottom of his feet. To boost my own immunity, I decided to try this too. During the

rest of the night, I started feeling good. I mean really good! I felt tingly, like my blood was

being cleansed. It was so cool!
This works in 2 ways.

1.) Onions are known to absorb toxins. In fact, during the days of the Plague in England,

folks would keep chopped onions around to absorb toxins and clean the air. This helped

protect them, against getting the plague.

NEVER SAVE AN ONION. It will absorb all the toxins in the air of your refrigerator. Eat that

and you eat the toxins. Instead: Chop your left over onion, put it on a plate and keep it in

your kitchen as a natural air purifier. I do this all the time! If someone is ill, place a chopped

onion on the night stand, next to the bed. They'll be better in the morning. I placed the

remaining onion, next to Evan last night.
Onions are toxin absorbers. Thus why they are great internal mops for the body. Eat plenty

of onions!
2.) The onion and garlic families are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Placing them on the

bottom of the foot gives them access to your internal organs through meridians in your body.

 The onion can be directly delivered. Transdermal delivery (on the skin) is one of the best

delivery mechanisms, as it will bypass the stomach acids and go directly into the blood. The

bottom of the feet and the forearm are great places to put high powered foods and essential

oils into the body. Sliced garlic on the bottom of the feet will work nicely too.''
Source: Nature :):):)

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